Student Innovation Helping Make a Better World

Fasoap Founders Photo courtesy of

Moctar Dembele and Gerard Niyondiko are this year’s grand prize winners of Global Social Venture Competition, an annual competition that awards young entrepreneurs for ideas that can have a positive impact on the world. Their idea “Fasoap” hopes to help prevent the contraction of malaria, a disease that Johns Hopkins Research Institute states over 40% of the world is at risk for, including parts of Africa and India. Malaria a disease that is contracted through bites of infected mosquitoes. Once contracted the medical treatment for the malaria can be very costly, and many of the people who contract it have trouble seeking and paying for such medical care.

“Fasoap” looks to help prevent this disease before contraction by mixing a mosquito repellent into a soap. After use the residual soap smell will work to help repel mosquitoes who are naturally attracted to the smell of human skin. One of the most beneficial parts of this idea is that “Fasoap” can be a very cost effective way to help prevent malaria, with little or no extra cost to the consumer. Currently Dembele and Niyindiko are looking to make their soap even more effective through clinical trials, and they hope to have the soap on the market in 2015. Similar to Eesha Khare and Elif Bilgin these two young men are great examples of positive student innovation and the impact it can have to help create a better the world.

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