Really, Karnataka?

Forest near Daroji Sanctuary, Karnataka; photo credit: Santosh Martin

Forest near Daroji Sanctuary, Karnataka; photo credit: Seshadri K.S

We’ve stated before that our site is not dedicated to outrage, but we do make an effort to point out questionable environmental decisions by corporations and countries when we see them.

So when it came to our attention that the minister of tourism in the Indian state of Karnataka was spearheading a plan to create a zoo/wildlife safari within the buffer zone of the Daroji Bear Sanctuary we had to take notice. According to Santosh Martin, honorary wildlife warden for the region

The fragile ecosystem is home to critically endangered species of both animals and plants including pangolins, sloth bears, wolves, leopards, etc., which are classified as Schedule I by the WPA. This site is also a breeding ground for the Indian eagle owl, brown fish owl and possibly the blue tailed bee eater. More than 150 bird species have been documented in this area by naturalists which include the yellow-throated bulbul, painted spur-fowl, painted sand grouse, etc.

On a conservative estimate, 45,000 trees will have to be felled to accommodate this artificial area…Several species of fruit bearing Grewia trees, endemic to this area are natural food of the sloth bears. The impact report also points out the interdependence of endemic trees/plants and the local wildlife of the area, which will be at stake with the fencing and cutting of trees.

Daroji Bear Sanctuary by Sudhir Shivaram

We thanks contributor Sudhir Shivaram for this long-view photography from his recently photography workshop at Hampi and Daroji Bear Sanctuary.

Read more about the project here.

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