If You Happen To Be In Scotland

The 20th annual World Porridge Making Championships will take place in the Scottish Highland village of Carrbridge on Saturday 5th October 2013.

We should have known such an event existed. Now that we do, but being stuck in south India with no time to witness it first hand today, we will watch it from afar; but we have marked the calendar for next year’s championships. Meanwhile, you might find interesting how we came to know about this event.

Like most good things in life, coincidence guided us. Most importantly, in this particular case, the quirky approach Bob’s Red Mill takes to promotion was the dot-connector. Our decades-old loyalty to that brand was strengthened when we learned of their sponsorship of a contest last year in conjunction with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. We started thinking, some time last year that Raxa Collective should follow Bob’s lead and sponsor a contest; especially since several contributors to this blog work at the Lab.

[Hello Seth. Hello Ben. Hello Justin. Any of you who wants to help us figure out how to sponsor a contest with the Lab as beneficiary, we are all ears. Say hello to Jake.  He will almost certainly be involved in making such a contest happen on the Raxa Collective side]

So we started watching Bob’s blog for news of this year’s contest with the Lab of Ornithology, but it never happened.  Instead we learned what a spurtle is. We are less likely to sponsor any spurtle-related contests, but whatever we can learn from Bob, we will. By the way, if you are a fan of Bob you might enjoy this podcast.

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