If You Happen To Be In Middlebury (Vermont, USA)

Mostly, when we have been thinking of Middlebury lately, it has been in relation to the College there, and one of its favorite sons.  But there are plenty of other reasons for a visit:

InSite is a home for local living. Our design was inspired by our hometown of Middlebury, VT where the community is friendly, approachable, and engaging. Team Middlebury believes that towns such as ours can contribute to social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Based on what we have learned from our hometown, InSite’s design is based on five universal principles that can be implemented in every community and on multiple scales, from new construction to home improvements. Originating from the legendary architect Le Corbusier’s Five Points of Modern Architecture, our 5 Points of InSiteful Design also apply to any home or lifestyle. Like Corbusier’s principles that helped architects create modern homes, our five points aim to create more sustainable lifestyles.

Team Middlebury uses these points as educational tools to spread our powerful ideas about architecture, renewable energy, and community building. A core aspect of our project is comprehensive educational outreach to all age groups. We believe that these guidelines can affect widespread change, and we see InSite as a vehicle to reconnect families with their neighbors, consumers with their resources, and people with place.

Our Five Points of InSiteful Design:

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4 thoughts on “If You Happen To Be In Middlebury (Vermont, USA)

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