High Tide in New York City

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(all photos ©Ken Brown)
In India, as with the rest of the world, sometimes life gets the best of us and we miss out on the cyclical events that have marked time for millennia. Once again we have Ken Brown to thank for both bringing this event to our attention and documenting it so well.
I know it sounds like something from the Discovery Channel, but a truly remarkable event takes place each year when a 460 million year mating ritual is enacted on the beaches of New York City during a full moon high tide.  Thousands of Horseshoe crabs gather in a number of coves and inlets along the city coastline to partake in a beach party with ancient origins.
Note to self: visit New York next May…

4 thoughts on “High Tide in New York City

  1. While living in North Florida as a child (now in the Chicago area) I first saw the miracle of Horseshoe Crabs; in the years since have learned much more of their significance and niche – thanks for posting this!

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