A 3-Way Intersection As Puzzle: Property Rights, Community Rights, Conservation

Raxa Collective will leave surfing topics to the resident expert, Jake. But this short documentary poses a conundrum that, while we instinctively side with the surfers, challenges us as stewards of property on India’s coast line. We want everyone to have access to the beach, but we want to prevent the kind of “tragedy of the commons” that is evident when no one has clear responsibility and authority for stewardship.

As we prepare to open Pearl Beach in a few months on a pristine section of Kerala’s coast, we have taken an approach that minimizes our footprint on the land while allowing us to do what we do, hosting guests from around the world, giving them an authentic taste of local nature and culture, and channeling the profits to conservation.

While our hearts are with the surfers in California, our minds wander over the fence line to the perspective of the property owner they are fighting in the court of public opinion. He probably thinks he is doing the right thing protecting the land. We will explore this idea further and share our thoughts in this forum, with great interest in what you might have to say about it.  First, take a look at the scenery and the issues:

Martin’s 5: Battle for the Beach explores the Surfrider Foundation’s fight to keep America’s beaches open to the public through the lens of a monumental court case in San Mateo County, California that will have larger implications on beach access issues in the United States. The short film is the second in The Inertia’s documentary series.

“We wanted to provide a snapshot of one of the many ongoing beach access campaigns Surfrider is championing,” said Zach Weisberg, Co-Producer and Publisher at The Inertia. “We hope this film raises awareness for beach access issues nationwide and motivates people to make an impact by getting involved in that conversation.”

Join the fight by logging on to surfrider.org/access and make a donation to support Surfrider’s fight for beach access here:secure.surfrider.org/page/contribute/martins-beach-join?cid=intertia#form

More from The Inertia, Surfing’s Definitive Online Community here: theinertia.com.

Special thanks to the Surfrider Foundation, Director/Producer Richard Yelland, Willie Tipp, David Ortuno, and Curtis Birch Inc. for their tireless efforts, patience, and creative direction, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings for permitting us to use their gorgeous rendition of Woodie Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land, and the beautiful imagery provided by Jim Patterson Photography.

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