The Universe is a Circle; Except When It Isn’t

Collaboration is dear to our hearts, whether it be interpersonal, international or intercollegiate, not to mention intercorporate to coin a phrase.  I couldn’t help but recall our posts on Elif Bilgin and Sush Krishnamoorthy when I came upon this video and read the bio of Shixie (Xiangjun Shi), the creative force behind it. Kudos to Brown University and RISD for having such an impactful program!

When I left home for college in the US, I was fortunate to be selected for the very first class of a new Dual Degree program, presented by Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design. WIthout predecessors, and in trusting embrace of Brown’s open curriculum, I was pretty much able to design my own education. While it may be too early to discuss the effect of that autonomy, in the past five years in this program, I have had chance to focus on a consistent pursuit – to bridge the arts and science. I chose to major in Physics at Brown and animation in RISD. With graduation, and the arrival of new responsibilities eg having to make a living on my own in the crazy New York City, I have to put a temporary hold to this pursuit. And this animation, a year long effort of making, is an attempt to reflect on this ever-intruiging subject.

All I can say is Xiangjun Shi, come to India!

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