Todd Bretl, Come To Kerala!

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We have been linking photographers with wildlife since the inception of Raxa Collective. We believe that the more amazing photographs of nature people are exposed to, the more they will care about the need for conservation of wildlife habitat. From organizing nature photography workshops, to sharing the photographs of friends and members of our team in our outreach, we embrace the medium’s power to motivate.

While most of his photographs are underwater, and most photography we have promoted so far is not, Todd Bretl is definitely worthy of the same kind of invitation we have extended to other masters of their domain (whatever form it might take, whether the person is famous or not as famous as they should be, even surprising ones). It is not just his obvious talent, but his sense of purpose. According to the bio on his website:

Raised on a boat in Bermuda, Todd grew up with the ocean as his playground and constant companion. After years spent in envy of the island’s many scuba divers, he eagerly began diving as soon as he was able, at the age of 12. Hundreds of dives later, and on an impulsive desire to try something new, Todd purchased some basic underwater photography equipment to experiment with during a 2008 dive trip to Palau. There, he had the serendipitous good fortune to spend much of his time with underwater filmmaking legend Stan Waterman, whose encouragement, inimitable good humor, and ageless enthusiasm inspired Todd. After taking over two thousand images in Palau, Todd returned home utterly addicted to the unique balance of art, science, technology, and adventure provided by the pursuit of underwater photography. Since that time, Todd has strived to continuously further his skills with a camera and to capture unique images of the underwater world that he fell in love with as a young child.

Todd’s photographs have appeared in numerous commercial and trade publications, won multiple international competitions, and have been exhibited at the Oceanside Museum of Art. Recently, Todd’s work was also featured on the Discovery Channel.

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