Welcome, Xandari

Seen from one angle, the sun is setting over the pool on Xandari’s western perimeter; the way this photo is taken makes it appear that way, but if seen from Kerala, the sun would just be rising.  Just hours ago, Xandari joined Raxa Collective.  Welcome!

Raxa Collective’s focus has been on entrepreneurial conservation initiatives in Kerala, India.  However, we have been in discussions with Xandari, and we believe they are an appropriate addition to the Raxa Collection.  Some of us affectionately refer to Kerala as the Costa Rica of Asia, though we are not likely to refer to Costa Rica as God’s Other Country (in case you have not seen it, the tag line of Kerala’s tourism industry is “God’s Own Country”), but we will be working on catchy phrasing …  For now, take a look at Xandari.

What you cannot tell from the website (yet) is that this is a community enterprise. Virtually all of Xandari’s employees walk to work — It is, in a very literal and meaningful sense, their community.  That is what guests feel, and what many glowing reports have said for nearly 20 years.  That will not change.  It will only get better as we collaborate on conservation initiatives.

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