The Story Behind Our New Banner’s Banners

If you visit this blog several times a day, or happen to chance upon any of our pages when the randomized top banner is just right, you may have noticed that for the past 48 hours a new picture has been thrown into the mix of our banner images, which have been growing steadily — and stealthily, given that the last time we addressed them explicitly was in 2011 — over the past few years.

The number of banner images has since doubled, with more dragonflies, some great-looking tree bark, picturesque tea plantations, and other scenes that we think make a pleasant and interesting (and hopefully not too distracting) backdrop to our written content on any given page. But the banner in question is about sharing and celebration, so I’m sharing a little bit about the image this time around. 

The photo is of a ‘rain tree’, one of many which have lined the streets of Fort Kochi with their fantastically splayed branches for a couple hundred years, according to several residents. During the last week or two of the year, several of the streets in Cochin and Fort Cochi are lined with streamers (aka white paper buntings) alongside or above the road, and the massive rain trees, like the one pictured next to a cricket/football field, are decorated with an array of banners, paper stars, and other colorful objects to create the festive effect seen below.

From here, it’s just a simple matter of cropping the photo and turning it into one of our forty-odd banner images for the blog as well as the new cover photo for our Facebook page. If you look at the ground in front of the tree in the photo above, you can see that the “dismantling” process had already begun when I took the shot a couple days into the new year. Hopefully, the same way people save their Christmas ornaments from the living-room pine tree, these decorations will be re-used next time around!

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