Signs of Spring: The Latest CUBs Challenge!

On Saturday, Celebrate Urban Birds started its latest Challenge, called Signs of Spring, to welcome the (in many cases impending) return of sunnier days, greener grasses, and most importantly, migratory birds. For those of you wondering what ever happened with our Fascinating Feathers Challenge from the holiday season, check out this post.

Photo © Cornell Lab. Individual photos by T. Grange, V. DuBowy, P. Siegert, and Z. Boles.

The Signs of Spring Challenge encourages you to get outdoors and look for birds getting back to their non-wintery selves: courting for mates, collecting nesting material, pecking at newly available food sources, and in the case of early bloomers, raising chicks! From now until March 31st you have a chance at winning a birdfeeder, poster, bird sounds CD, pair of binoculars, or another great prize for your photo, video, artwork, story, or poem that somehow depicts a relationship between spring and avian life.

Click here to visit the Signs of Spring Homepage!

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