Nākd Bars Revisited

A while back I was exposed to the wonder of Nākd bars, and I shared some reasons why you should eat them. Now, I’ve had the luck to try several more of their creative and delicious flavors. Before I dive into those, a quick aside: along with seven hundred other students, this semester I’m taking one of the most popular classes at Cornell University, Introduction to Wines. One of the course goals is learning how to parse the different aromas and their combination with the wine’s acidity, alcohol, and other elements, all of which come together to make a complex liquid.

As I tasted more Nākd bar flavors this year, I thought to myself that if I was being taught how to judge and analyze such a complicated thing as wine, then there was no reason I couldn’t apply the same process to something as naturally simple as a Nākd bar, and write some brief thoughts on the new flavors I tried! 

I’ll start with one of my favorites, Cocoa Mint. This feels and tastes like a chewy chocolate bar with coarsely ground cashews in it. A tingling mint essence fills the mouth and gives roundness to the earthy chocolate. It’s hard to believe that dates are actually practically half the ingredients (48%)!

The protein crunch bars, which are more like a traditional granola bar in texture, have “soya crunchies” to provide more protein. The Apple Crunch bar has bits of dehydrated apple chunks that make for an interesting fruity chewiness when paired with the soya crunchies, and I like it the most of the crunch bars. The Strawberry Crunch bar, like the Berry Delight bar, seems to be a crowd favorite. Although I like bananas, the Banana Crunch bar has a very intense banana flavor; even though it isn’t artificial, it is a bit too rich for me.

More subtle is the Rhubarb & Custard bar, which I had been most excited to try just because it sounded so intriguing. It definitely is the most unique of the Nākd bars that I’ve tried, and it has a great rhubarby flavor after you let it sit in your mouth for a while. The custard comes as a nice aftertaste and tops off the bar well. The Ginger Bread bar, which like Rhubarb & Custard is a great flavor concept, could benefit from a little less subtlety — some more ginger in there would be fantastic!

The Cashew Cookie bar also has potential, and its texture is soft and pliable like a cookie (maybe from bumping around in my backpack for a week?). If you really like cashews then I’d recommend it, but personally I think it would be nice with just a little something extra, since it is literally just cashews (51%) and dates (49%). Maybe Cashew Fig Cookie? Cashew Caramel Cookie? Cashew Carrot Cake?

If you’re feeling hungry yet, be sure to check out the Nākd bar website! There’s currently a 20% off deal for the Pecan Pie bars until March 26th.

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