Plant-a-Tree at Xandari

The stake in front that holds the planter’s name says (quite humorously, to my mind): 3 CANADIENSES!

Plant-a-tree programs are real winners: educational, fun, and productive. Next time you visit Xandari (or another sustainable or eco-friendly hotel), be sure to ask about the opportunity about the opportunity to plant a sapling. At Xandari, plantings are usually done in the orchard or in one of the old coffee plots. Everybody who plants a tree has a small wooden stake erected near the spot, commemorating the event and recognizing the effort to make the world a little bit greener. These “plaques” can be seen in front of trees planted all over Xandari–some as recent as the past month or two, others from over a decade ago. It’s wonderful to dip into the past by looking at the different stages of growth in trees that guests have planted.

Planting a tree only takes between fifteen minutes and a half hour–unless you choose to stay and chat with Xandari’s master gardener, José Luis! It’s easy to get caught up conversation with him and learn something new. It seems to me that if intelligent, successful environmental action will ever take root, it will surely start through activities like these, in which people have a chance to experience the good they are doing, rather than through abstractions and statistics. (Don’t get me wrong, I like abstractions and statistics, too.)

Take a look at the following two trees to see what even five months’ time in a tropical environment can do for plant growth. The first was planted in June 2014, and is barely half the height of the stake. The second… well, see for yourself that’s it done a bit of growing:

Tree planted in June 2014 (approximately one month in the ground)

Tree planted in January 2014 (approximately six months in the ground)

The trees planted five to ten years ago (see an example here) are already providing shade for those walking on the orchard paths.

Thanks to all our wonderful guests for how you help out around here!

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