That Traveling State of Mind


I took this while backpacking across this very empty and flat part of the Camino in Spain called the Meseta.

In my daily life, I flee myself in sneaky ways. I flip on a movie. I hang out with friends. I have habits when I am at home. There are these creature comforts that become little patterns that can give me an easy way out. Since I’ve been traveling, different parts of myself have surfaced. And if I don’t like those parts, tough luck. There is no easy way out, only a way forward. To just be with what I am experiencing, as it is.

The culture of the different places I have been and the range of different things I see activate streams of thought and states of mind I do not find myself in from my experiences at home. I really appreciate this about the traveling state of mind.

I think this is a different kind of tourism. Visiting different parts of myself inspired by different parts of the world.

Since I have been traveling alone, I find not being in my familiar group of friends to be really difficult at times. It makes me happy to realize what a strong community of friends I have at home to contrast it with the lack of it I have felt since traveling. I’ve also realized how much I depend on connection with people for inspiration and motivation. At first, being in India with the language and cultural barriers, I was really hesitant and didn’t know how to connect with people. I guess India and I have gotten more comfortable with each other now because that barrier has more windows and doors in it than I expected.

It will have been three full months of traveling by the time I return home in September. One month walking the Camino de Santiago (you can read my first post about that) and two months learning and working for Raxa Collective. To quote someone I met on the Camino, “Traveling is a good education. You meet people you would never talk to in your daily life. You meet cultures you could never understand from a book.” And I would add to that, you meet yourself in ways you never thought you would.

There is a great post with Pico Iyer’s video about the Global Soul that speaks more on this state of mind.




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