Bird Behavior at Xandari

Over the past several weeks, I’ve had the fortune of being able to find birds sitting relatively still and have filmed them doing their stuff. All of the species in the video below are quite common here at Xandari, but I hope to eventually be able to share footage of even more rare and exciting birds that James and I sometimes see!

For more bird videos that I’ve taken in the past, you can have your pick from these families in different parts of Ecuador:

3 thoughts on “Bird Behavior at Xandari

  1. The Cowbird in the video is related to the Cowbird in Southeastern United States, I assume. I know this is a basic question, but please explain (if they are related) the diversity of colors. Thanks Seth – much enjoyed.

  2. Hi Jamil,

    Glad you liked the video! The Bronzed Cowbird in the video is indeed related to the Brown-headed Cowbird that you’ll find in the US (the Bronzed Cowbird has a very limited range in the south of the US that excludes GA and another relative, the Shiny Cowbird, is also restricted in the south of the country). Both the Bronzed and the Brown-headed Cowbirds are dark blackish birds but the Bronzed male has a glossier body and lacks the brown hood.

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