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It has been some time since we posted on the topic of altruism, but it is one of the words we come back to directly and indirectly nearly every day, one way or another. We watch out for our own stories to explain this phenomenon. Raxa Collective works in locations categorized as developing economies. Some among our ranks are from so-called developed economies, with among the highest per capita incomes in the world, while others among our ranks are from economies at the other end of the per capita income range.

A consensus has developed among those of us who have worked across a spectrum of countries, a consensus which we considered a bit of a paradox (and a completely unrealistic and unfair generalization, but still we noticed it this way), that poorer people do more surprisingly generous things considering that they would seem to have less with which to be generous.

And it turns out that we have been noticing something that may have a scientific explanation. Thanks to Paul Piff, among others. We first listened to him here, but below, from his own webpage, he kindly offers you a much larger selection of opportunities to read and listen to him explaining his work.

Links to representative media coverage of my research:

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