Roots and Seeds at Xandari

Back in the beginning of July, James and I helped José Luis plant some Bourbon coffee seeds so that they would eventually become seedlings that could be put in bags to grow into saplings. Now, after months of watering and patience, many of the seedlings are finally beginning to emerge. As more and more of them germinate and create their shoots, we’ll be putting them into the bags with soil to wait another year before planting them in the ground at Xandari.

Plenty of other plants have been productive over the last couple months: we’ve gotten a good amount of broccoli, countless guava (mostly consumed by squirrels and birds), lots of camote (Central American sweet potatoes), some stunningly immense yucca roots, a tree full of breadfruit, and also some cool ornamental seed pods that look nice when fresh or dried on the plant.

What kind of fruits or vegetables would you like to see next time you visit Xandari?

3 thoughts on “Roots and Seeds at Xandari

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