Bird Behavior at Xandari II

I recently accrued enough videos of birds doing interesting things at Xandari to make a new video to share here. By chance, all the footage I’ve gotten over the last few months has followed a common theme: pecking and pulling. In the video above, you’ll notice that all five species of bird — Rufous-naped Wren, Hoffmann’s and Lineated Woodpeckers, Lesser Greenlet, and Rufous-capped Warbler — were either pecking or pulling at something in an effort to get some food. 

Now you may think to yourself, well yeah, apart from flying, singing, and pooping, I can’t think of many other daily activities that birds would pursue that didn’t involve pecking or pulling for food. And I guess you would be right, so maybe it’s actually not that interesting as themes go. Apart from aerial insectivores and water-dwellers, I suppose pecking and pulling are the most common methods of acquiring sustenance, for a bird.

Anyway, if you watch the video you’ll see a male Hoffmann’s Woodpecker pecking at a plantain (similar to a banana), and then a Rufous-capped Warbler pulling at a leaf either because it had an insect or spider curled inside it or it confused it for dried fruit. A female Lineated Woodpecker pecks at a tree trunk searching for boring insects or their larvae, and a Rufous-naped Wren both pulls and delivers sledgehammer pecks at a seed or insect (I’ve watched the video several times and it still seems like it could go either way) to get at the meat inside. Finally, a little Lesser Greenlet pecks and pries at a dried fruit — my favorite part is when it opens its bill to widen the tear in the skin. Natural fruit leather, anyone?

4 thoughts on “Bird Behavior at Xandari II

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