FeederWatch BirdSpotter 2014

White-breasted Nuthatch feeding at LEGO Feeder. Photo by Gary Mueller submitted to Project FeederWatch 2014 BirdSpotter contest.

Project FeederWatch was one of my other neighbors back at the Lab of Ornithology when I worked for Celebrate Urban Birds. This year, FeederWatch is working on a photo contest with the optics company Vanguard, and it looks like they have some amazing prizes, and therefore some stunning contest entries! The 2014-15 BirdSpotter contest will run from November 5th to February 23rd, and the main goal of the contest is to increase project membership to 25,000 participants for the year.

The FeederWatch mission is pretty straightforward: if you live in North America and have a feeder in your neighborhood (yard, park, etc.), watch it during the winter (November-April) and count the different birds that visit it. Like other citizen science projects that the Cornell Lab of Ornithology is involved with, the data you send in becomes valuable input for scientists in their research!

Learn more about Project FeederWatch today, and sign up if you can! At the very least, visit their website to see more pretty pictures. The contest is organized into weekly challenges–week 1 was creative feeders, week 2 (this week) is hummingbirds. There are two winners every week, which is pretty fantastic, and then there’ll be a grand prize winner at the end of the contest! I’ve submitted a photo I took at Bosque del Cabo of a Long-tailed Hermit feeding at a cool flower. If you want, you can vote for it here!

The photo I submitted to the contest.

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