Courtney, Come To Kerala!


We lean to the idea that art can be a nobler calling than other ways of making a living, even in unusual circumstances. After reading the morning news today, one could be forgiven for continuing to think that art is essentially a commercial endeavor, which we would rather not believe in spite of all the evidence:

AUCTION1-thumbStandardThanks to Giacometti, Sotheby’s Hits Its Highest Total Ever at Fall Opening

But thanks to Courtney Mattison for hewing to a different road, for which our doors will be open if she chooses to visit:

The production of ceramic sculptural works requires a significant amount of energy to fire kilns, power and ventilate the studio and transport pieces. Courtney makes every effort to recycle, reduce waste, purchase bulk and local materials and only fire full kilns. A portion of each piece sold through Corallia Design goes towards a recurring donation to Mission Blue, which was founded by legendary oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle to inspire “a sea change in public awareness, and support for a global network of marine protected areas – Hope Spots – ranging from the deepest ocean to sunlit reefs and from the seamounts of the high seas to coastal seagrass meadows.” By protecting Hope Spots, Mission Blue aims to see 20% of the ocean protected by 2020. Currently only approximately 3% of the ocean is protected.

A selection of Courtney’s home décor work from her “Hope Spots” line for Corallia Design is available at the Mission Blue online shop and on Etsy.

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