Finger Lakes, Just Say No

It is not a simple matter to resist all the various ways in which our natural environment is being threatened in insidious manner on a regular basis, especially proposals that appear to solve energy needs. Please, no snickering about chardonnay-sipping liberals while you read the latest such proposal in the region a number of our contributors call home, because these are actually salt of the earth farmers and craft level producers of a sacred beverage (yes, we can pour it on when properly motivated) who will suffer most if this project is implemented as proposed:

WATKINS-slide-WT0Z-thumbStandardWhat Pairs Well With a Finger Lakes White? Not Propane, Vintners Say

Local vintners are fighting a project under which tens of millions of gallons of liquefied petroleum gas, and up to two billion cubic feet of natural gas, would be stored in caverns near Seneca Lake.

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