Introduction & Upcoming posts

I would like to take a quick moment to introduce myself, my goals for the next few months and what I will be posting in this blog. I am a recent graduate from the University of Central Florida, Rosen School of Hospitality Management and I was born in Costa Rica.

I am excited to be interning at Marari Pearl (Kerala, India) starting this January. I don’t believe there will be a lack of material for me to write about in Kerala with its unique culture, customs, spicy foods and amazing animals! This will be my first time to Asia and I am quite sure it will be a great and rewarding culture shock and I want to convey my observations and thoughts about something totally new to me.

Besides the stimulating culture, I want my readers to learn about the lodge and its prime location (a stone’s throw away from Marari Beach and close to the Backwaters). I hope to broaden my experience working for Crist and Amie Inman (Owners and operators of Raxa Collective) and hopefully add to the guest experience at the lodge. I hope you enjoy my upcoming posts!

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