Words Forming A Name, Becoming A Brand

Illustration by Paul Sahre

Illustration by Paul Sahre

We spent much of the first half of 2011 poring over dictionaries. Mostly Sanskrit to English dictionaries, but also Malayalam to English, and also just English dictionaries with the occasional thesaurus to inspire.

We thought a lot about a company that two of us had formed that had done a lot of projects relevant to, and some interestingly different from, the new enterprise that would re-brand the hospitality portfolio of a major business group based in Kerala, India. We recorded a few facts about that naming process at the time this blog went live. This article not only brings back memories of those days, weeks, months of name-pondering, but gets us thinking about the meaning of Raxa Collective now versus what we thought then:

The Weird Science of Naming New Products

To find the perfect brand, leave no word unturned.

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