Beach activities at Marari Pearl

IMG_1492Team spirit is at an all time high at Marari Pearl! Recently, beach volleyball has become a ritual here, and high spirits are flaring. I have been interning here 3 weeks now and I have seen a great improvement in the skill level (including my own) of the sport. Guests have also been joining in and having a wonderful time. The excitement of the game has not only brought spectators from the resort, but also other people passing by who cannot help but join in on the fun.

Volleying starts at 5:30 and runs until the sun has passed the horizon and the eyes begin to fail. Then there is a quick water break, the beach lights go on and the game continues. The sport has has been a great way for the guests and the staff to meet and share experiences. There is a great sense of friendship here and I hope we are able to promote more events like this one. Guests and staff have had positive feedback on the games and I believe more sporting events will create a greater response in time to come.

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