Beach activities at Marari Pearl

IMG_1492Team spirit is at an all time high at Marari Pearl! Recently, beach volleyball has become a ritual here, and high spirits are flaring. I have been interning here 3 weeks now and I have seen a great improvement in the skill level (including my own) of the sport. Guests have also been joining in and having a wonderful time. The excitement of the game has not only brought spectators from the resort, but also other people passing by who cannot help but join in on the fun. Continue reading

When the land heats up and air rises


Three sisters

When land heats up and air rises, it gives way to fresh on-shore wind from the Arabian sea. A walk along Marari beach during sunset will most likely give the sight of homemade kites being flown mostly by children, but also adults of all ages. These kites are made of bamboo, newspaper and glue. Old fishing line is then attached and wound up on a bottle.

The children are very proud of their creations and will insist that theirs is the “best” of all and that you try it out. Choose carefully and watch the kite soar!

Kovalam Beach – Kerala

Photo credits : Dileep

Photo credits: Dileep

Kovalam Beach is situated outside the capital city of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram. Comprised of three adjacent crescent beaches and a massive rocky promontory, the beach forms a beautiful bay of calm waters ideal for sea bathing. For all these reasons it has been a favorite for tourists from around India and the world. Continue reading

Beaches of Kerala – Fort Kochi

Photo credits : Ramesh Kidangoor

Photo credits: Ramesh Kidangoor

Bordered on the east by the towering Western Ghats and interspersed with the magical backwaters for much of its length, Kerala’s coast has attracted people through the ages. In ages past it was traders, asylum seekers and empire builders; now it is haven for beach buffs and tourists. Continue reading

Kovalam – Kerala

Photo credits: Ramesh Kidangoor

Photo credits: Ramesh Kidangoor

Kovalam beach is covered with coconut palms, and framed by the headlands that rise steeply above the shore. The crescent shaped beaches of Kovalam are an international tourist attraction. With  golden sands, miles of shimmering sea, and picturesque beaches it is no wonder that this beautiful place is one of Kerala’s most popular destinations. Continue reading

Beauty Of Kerala – Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach lies 16 km south of Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala. Ruled by the Chera and Chola Kings and later by the Dutch, Portuguese and British, Kovalam has historically attracted tourist around the world. The beautiful area is comprised of three crescent-shaped beaches separated by rocky outcroppings that form the main attraction of this beach. Continue reading

From West to East: A Road Trip Journal (Part 3)

Taking a Quick Stop on the Pacific Coast Highway (Carl)

This is the third in a series of posts on a summer trip; see the second.

In Fort Bragg, the first thing we did was eat a substantial breakfast, since we had missed supper the night before. We ate at a curious Wizard of Oz themed restaurant called “Eggheads,” complete with a yellow-brick road (of linoleum tile) running through the center of the building. We asked the proprietor what had prompted the theme—had the young Judy Garland frequented the coastal town? Were the pots and pans castoffs of the Tin Man’s suit? As it turns out, the answer was rather more mundane: Eggheads’ bathroom is difficult to find. Those wanting to make the trip must go through the dining area and kitchen, exit into a lot behind the building, and hang a left around a corner before finding the small cottage hiding the commode nestled between a few sheds and next to some old gardening equipment. The circuitous route defeats expectations so soundly that, about thirty years ago, management decided to create a prominent trail for customers. When a dull saffron floor tile was chosen, the yellow brick road was born—and all of the many allusions to the Wizard of Oz which thereafter sprung up on the menu and storefront.

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Kovalam Beach

Kovalam lies 16 kms  south of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala’s Capital.  Three crescent shaped beaches surrounded by rocky outcroppings form the main attraction of this coastal resort. The coast is backed by steeply rising headlands covered in verdant coconut palms, especially the southernmost Lighthouse Beach. The green hinterlands provide a refreshing backdrop to the white sandy beaches, offering privacy and seclusion.

Kaiser the Puppy and the Rising Middle Class in India

Three days ago, we pulled up in front of an art deco gate and half-abandoned mansion on the property of a soon-to-be new RAXA Collective resort. By ‘we’ I mean the design team comprising of an architecture student (me, Chi-Chi), a landscape architecture student (Rania), a hotelie-turned-interior architecture student (Jonathon), and an engineering student (Siobhan). We were told to get a feel of the property.

Trusty Guard at Marari Beach

We, the interns, walked around the property with Amie and the trusty guard. The bamboo stick to protect against rumored snakes on the beach.

We found: ‘objects’ (modest fishermen’s homes); an endless, unobstructed beach with marbled sand and black waves; and our new favorite hangout spot, a nearby internet café.

Exploring the ObjectsRania Inspects a Decorative Statement Wall

Guard and us exploring the roofline

Exploring the roofline of an abandoned wealthy fisherman’s house with the guard.

Kaiser found: two Indian security guards; their next-door-neighbor friend; our cook Manu; and us.

Kaiser is a tiny mixed puppy who arrived on site only an hour before we did. As a dog-lover and all-around “everything happens for a reason” believer, I KNEW KAISER WAS A SIGN. A sign for what, I don’t really know, but he was a very cute and very small sign, so I immediately focused all my down-time obsessing and fussing over Kaiser.

Kaiser the Puppy

This is Kaiser.

I think Kaiser gave me more insight to Indian attitudes. It’s very difficult to converse with someone about abstract ideas without a common language, but if you throw a dog in the mix, it becomes a lot easier.

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Hiding Outside, Hiding Inside

As mentioned before,  most organisms a link or two down on the food chain rely on at least one defense mechanism to survive. Remaining unseen, looking toxic, and tooth-shattering carapaces are all relatively common on all fronts. The crab pictured above, photographed on Aswem Beach in Goa, relies on the first option – besides measuring under an inch across, it camouflages exceptionally well into the sand it scuttles across – and when feels threatened, dashes into hastily excavated boltholes.  Continue reading

Sand Scripture

Not to be confused with sand sculpture, sand scripture is the graceful story a million grains of sand tell of the passing of time. Sand isn’t only found on the beach – riverbanks, empty fields, and desert dunes host the legion grains, akin in countlessness to the untold billions of stars in the universe.  The ocean’s tides tell stories, however, with the pliable mass of silica as the medium.

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