Hiding Outside, Hiding Inside

As mentioned before,  most organisms a link or two down on the food chain rely on at least one defense mechanism to survive. Remaining unseen, looking toxic, and tooth-shattering carapaces are all relatively common on all fronts. The crab pictured above, photographed on Aswem Beach in Goa, relies on the first option – besides measuring under an inch across, it camouflages exceptionally well into the sand it scuttles across – and when feels threatened, dashes into hastily excavated boltholes. 

Others, such as this hermit crab, can just cover their vulnerable points in their scavenged shells.

2 thoughts on “Hiding Outside, Hiding Inside

  1. I assume you were referring to the first image; I’m sure if you watched with a telescope for long enough, you could see the crabs blowing bubbles in the wet sand.

    I feel like I missed a witty joke in your comment.

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