Sambar Deer (Cervus unicolor)

SAMBAR DEER (Cervus unicolor) are found inhabiting mainly damp woodland environments, like marshes and swamps. In Periyar we have thousands of sambar deer, which is the favourite prey for Wild Dogs, Leopards and Tigers. Whenever they perceive danger, they start giving a repetitive honking alarm call.

Sambar deer of India are herbivores and survive on a diet consisting of coarse vegetation, grass, and herbs. Their staple diet includes grass, sprigs, fruits and bamboo buds.

During my patrolling through the forest August 2011, we saw these deer both on the Mullaperiyar dam side and near the grass land. That was a fabulous sight of herds of sambar deer gathering together. This is exemplifies the ecosystem of Periyar which is one of the richest forests in the world. These herds are one of the many reasons the Periyar Tiger Reserve attracts hundred of thousands of national and international tourists per year.

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