If You Happen To Be Anywhere In the World…

Our interest in birds shouldn’t come as a surprise to readers of these pages. With contributors Seth and Justin on a Smithsonian Expedition in search of the Golden Swallow, over 3 years of our Bird of the Day feature from many talented photographers, and a plethora of posts about the subject, we assume it’s obvious.

Prior to 2013 the Great Backyard Bird Count focussed on North America, but that year it went global and the results were amazing! As we’re based in Kerala, we were proud that India had the 3rd highest participation (USA first, and Canada second). The image of what is an interactive map during the count shows those those statistics were maintained in the second global year as well.

The primary reason to participate (other than it being fantastically fun to go birding) is that each list submitted helps scientists track bird populations in real time, in ways that would be impossible to document on their own. This constant flux can answer questions about weather patterns, climate change, migrations and diversity, to name a few.

We hope you’re intrigued… so click here to get started!

2 thoughts on “If You Happen To Be Anywhere In the World…

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