A River Runs Through It, In Ethiopia

One of Ethiopia's many excellent national parks

One of Ethiopia’s many excellent national parks

This is not the post promised. It is a taste of why I must post, as promised. This canyon, this river, this view came early in our expedition and is among the strongest in my visual memory. It seemed fortunate, at the time, to catch this view at sunset but the more I think about it the more I am convinced that the place is worthy of a snapshot any time of the day. And it is worth making future visits, so next time I intend to navigate downriver (from the right in this photo), arriving at the place where I snapped this photo after hiking up the canyon.

Sheeba Palace 1

And here is one of the last snapshots of the expedition, taken inside the walls of a compound referred to as the Queen of Sheba’s Palace. I found this cactus/tree much more interesting than the compound itself.  But not more interesting than these entrepreneurs below.

Sheeba Palace 2

These bookend images from near the beginning of the expedition, and the end point, leaves much room for me to work with in getting that post done. Soon, while it is fresh, to be sure.

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