If You Happen To Be In Harlem…


Those of us based in Kerala, India won’t be able to celebrate at this event, but we surely hope some of our readers can. It came to our attention via some inexplicable psychic Soul Food connection and boy do we wish we could be there!

As the banner states, the festival honors the food, culture and spirit of a part of New York with a storied history of Renaissance and decline. The celebration itself is evidence of Harlem’s Neo-Renaissance. Cultural talks, Food strolls, Dinners, and Cooking demonstrations are incorporated into the festival program.

We take particular interest in the festival’s beneficiaries, Citymeals-on-Wheels and Harlem Park to Park. How can we not with we were there with talks such as How to Serve the Community:

What do we love more than a good neighborhood restaurant?  A good restaurant that gives back to its neighbors.  These standout establishments discuss the role chefs, restaurants, and the hospitality industry plays in communities; helping in times of need, serving as a gathering places, supporting local businesses and more. Moderated by Tren’ness Woods-Black, Sylvia’s Restaurant ® Queen of Soul.

So if you happen to be in NYC, hop on the A train and head up town!





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