If You Happen To Be In Georgia…

Blue Jays. Left: John James Audubon; Right: Athos Menaboni

Blue Jays. Left: John James Audubon; Right: Athos Menaboni

It should come as no surprise to visitors to this site that a significant amount of our attention is taken up by birds. Their importance is manifold, not just environmentally, but artistically. We’re also fans of the Liberal Arts, so we’re particularly excited to see these interests come together this month at two Liberal Arts colleges in Georgia.

One does not have to be a birder or an art aficionado to have heard of John James Audubon. Much of the world knows the name due to the Audubon Society, but fewer have heard of Athos Menaboni, who Times Magazine once called “Audubon’s heir”, despite the fact that the two men never met.

If you happen to be in Georgia here’s the unique opportunity to compare and contrast with simultaneous exhibitions of the naturalist’s/artist’s work.

Oglethorpe University Museum of Art – John James Audubon: Swift Birds of Passage May 9 – August 23, 2015

Oak Bill and Martha Berry Museum – Menaboni’s Birds: Georgia’s Own Artist as Naturalist – May 16th – September 12th, 2015

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