The (Eco-friendly) Sound of Music

Eco-friendly and environment-friendly – the terms have become all too familiar now. From being used at green summits and in corners where the gatekeepers of conservation meet, they’ve entered mainstream vocabulary. The words are a call-to-action, they are rules, and have come to define a way of life. What is interesting is to see how much of this ‘eco-friendliness’ is thoughtfully designed for use, innovated and improved upon, and finally marketed and delivered as utilities. Over being mere concepts and terminologies, how much of this ‘friendliness’ can be used on a day-to-day basis. Yes, we heard about how biking can power phones but let’s hear more.

When was the last time you walked out of home, minus your earphones? The last time you were ‘unplugged’? If it’s been a while, then you’ll love this eco-friendly line-up. Over mere plastic and wires, how about earphones that are a statement in recycling, design and purpose?

Handcrafted from reclaimed wood, some without PVC cables, others made using fabric and recyclable metals and some crafted using bamboo – they’ve got their conscience glued to the conservation debate. Find your pick here and here.

And, let us hear of your sustainability story?

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