Travel Made Easy Through Air

An upcoming aerial ropeway might be the solution to Kolkata's traffic congestion issues

An upcoming aerial ropeway might be the solution to Kolkata’s traffic congestion issues

No, we are not talking flying here. But the Curvo, the world’s first non-linear aerial ropeway for second tier urban commutation. Pollution and traffic-free, the service, operational on electricity, would be on steel frames spreading at a distance of around 90-100 m running through the existing arterial and other roads to avoid congested streets of the city. There will be elevated stops at every distance of 750 m and the cars would be able to gain speed of about 4.25 m per second (12.5 km/hour) with the ability to carry an estimated 2,000 people every hour. Curvo is expected to be introduced in 18-24 months. The cabins will have an accommodation capacity of 8-10 persons.

Curvo will require nominal ground space for stations and rope-supporting portal frames. It has nothing to do with road space and the traffic flow or with the pedestrian flow below. Since it will run on electricity, there will not be emission of any poisonous gas also. It is reasonably noiseless and will travel at an average hourly speed of around 12.5 km despite route alignment.

Read more on Curvo in the Huffington Post.

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