Welcome to the Urban Forest Neighborhood

The OAS1S™ architecture is shaped as a 1 and answers to the deep human need to become 1 with nature.

The OAS1S™ architecture is shaped as a 1 and answers to the deep human need to become 1 with nature.

If one Dutch architect gets his way, we might soon be living in car-free urban forests where the buildings look like trees. Raimond De Hullu’s new home design, the OAS1S, runs completely off the grid, thanks to renewable energy and on-site water and waste treatment. It’s made with recycled wood and organic insulation, meeting “cradle to cradle” standards where no material goes to waste. But the designer wanted to also rethink what a green building—and neighborhood—should look like.

The OAS1S™ architecture is designed as trees, earth’s most ancient, important and appreciated structures. It is shaped as a 1 and answers to the deep human need to become 1 with nature. The tall, slim and detached houses have average tree-like sizes (ca. 6 x 6 x 12 m) with spectacular  vegetation facadesThese elegant tower-houses form green “treescrapers” with a basic, classic, and highly attractive design. The wooden cabin-like OAS1S™ interiors offer a fully customizable gross area of 160 m² over 4 floors (basic model). The floors are connected by easy stairs with glass halls, and with an impressive 12 m high view towards a skylight. The unique design of OAS1S™ communities is inspired by the attractive characteristics of forests. The forest-like communities mix trees with tree-like houses in an organic and public, compact and car-free lay-outParking (e-car CSO) is at the area fringes, by short and delightful walks through the park people reach their homes.

Identical to trees OAS1S™ units consist of wood and leaves, collect sun and water, plus provide oxygen, shelter and food. The simple, smart, and sustainable architecture of OAS1S™ uses feasible, available and proven techniques. The constructions are C2C, prefabricated of recycled wood, organic HQ insulation, green walls and triple glazing. The technical installations are off-grid, 100% self-sufficient with energy, water plus waste, and consist of: solar panels and boilers, water and air heath pumps, water and heath storage, grey water and filtration systems.

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