Setting Priorities

03QA-master675It’s a new day, a new year, and all that. We were thinking (as usual) in the last days of 2015 about the highest best use of our collective talents, where to apply them to have the maximum best impact in 2016. In case you missed the ongoing series of posts by our colleague Phil Karp, see the most recent post first, and then go back and read the rest of them. He is applying his experience from a long professional career in development to do something he cares deeply about, applied to one very specific ecological challenge. And we are particularly intrigued by the approach, which we call entrepreneurial conservation, that he has taken.

We also appreciate Mr. Sala’s example, and the fact that a major media publication continuously provides examples like this, and hope to live up to that standard this year (including sharing even more posts linking to stories like this):

In 2007, Enric Sala, a marine ecologist, quit his job in academia, saying he was “tired of writing the obituary of ocean life.” Only 1 percent of the ocean is currently protected, marine scientists say, and the rest is being disrupted by overfishing, pollution, climate change and species extinctions. Dr. Sala said he felt the need to take action.

Dr. Sala joined National Geographic as an Explorer-in-Residence, a program to enhance the organization’s relationships with leading explorers and scientists. He started the Pristine Seas program to identify, study and protect the last wild places in the ocean. His job is to travel to the most remote areas of the seas with a team of scientists to document the treasures they find and conduct scientific analyses to show the benefits of protection.

Last month, Mr. Sala, who is 47 and was born in Girona, Spain, was in the Galápagos Islands, where he studied marine ecosystems so deep that scientists know little about them.

Read the whole story here.

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