Xandari’s 2016 Big Day

A male Red-legged Honeycreeper, the highlight of my 2016 big day

Last year, we shared some details about the Global Big Day, an event that I participated in very casually from Chicago back then, and contributed to more seriously this year, as did the rest of the global birding community, as the data from eBird published today shows. In 2015, 6,158 species were reported on 38,923 complete checklists from 14,787 participants across 140 countries. This year, 6,263 species were reported on 43,848 checklists from 15,953 participants across 145 countries. Every point of comparison displays an increase in participation and effort this time around!

In Costa Rica in particular, six more species were observed, and twenty-four more checklists submitted. On my own over the course of the day, both birding formally and informally (e.g. over lunch), I saw 48 species at Xandari, which isn’t bad considering that all the migratory species have gone north for the summer and I was only out and about for a couple hours total. In New Jersey, the 33rd World Series of Birding took place on the same day (May 14th), and Cornell’s student team, the Redheads, won the County level competition once again, supporting undergraduate research for the University.

And in Colorado, Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Team Sapsucker set a new record for the state in a big day with a whopping 232 species.

Congratulations to them, and the world eBird community, for a great second Global Big Day!

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