Xandari, Another Saturday Morning


Today is my final day waking up at Xandari, at least for now. Rising with the sun each day, and heading for the trails, I often catch a view of something that I have not seen before. When it is something simple, elegant and expressive like this twirling twig I tend to keep my eyes open for more of a certain thing.


It can effect the choice of direction my walk takes. Which of course is random, but that twig makes it seem as though it will matter whether to go this way or that.


It does not matter. There will be more small wonders all along the way.


The stairs that assist the trek down through the steepest forest trails are side-walled green with moss developing over two decades.


And the moss gives a foothold for newer varieties of flora.


Some of that newer flora is so unusual that my snapshot is with the intent to report to someone, somewhere, that aliens have landed. But keep going for now.


Follow the trail. The team that has been clearing the walkway over two decades has also placed reminders along the way that keep the goal in mind. The trail is there to allow access to the forest and its many pleasures without getting lost, and with the ability to keep moving at a healthy pace.


And then this. The charismatic water I mentioned one week ago is around the bend every so often.


Falling water is both a visual and aural stimulant that also quickens the pace.


And from time to time creates an impulse to stop and see it up close.


Following the water to the next level down the path, around another bend, gives another view similar yet with details different enough to impress, every time.


Down near the lower end of the property, as the water starts evening out at a level with smaller grades of whoosh, the water turns one way and the trail turns another. And as the trek begins uphill again, one last stretch of flora-seemingly unexceptional but worthy of notice.


A color composition that will be gone by tomorrow, replaced by another color composition equally worthy of notice.


And the pace changes as the trail brings me back to the beginning.


Back to the art studio, which has provided me lodging for the past year.


And the conclusion of this trek, like all those before it, is that the trek should continue tomorrow. Others will continue to trek here. And I will continue my trek elsewhere.

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