#8 Of One Dozen Love Letters About Xandari


Photo and pendant by Milo Inman

While we were in the early stages of shaping the look of Xandari Pearl, we had a team of design interns, and these highly creative collaborators sent us a constant stream of design feedback on the evolving Marari pearl concept. Little did I know that at that same time Milo, who at that time I thought of as a photographer-to-be, was developing another artistic talent. The photo above shows one example of that talent.

I consider that pendant as good an artifact of Xandari’s aesthetic legacy as any. Milo, from the time of his arrival in India in 2010, had been heartily welcomed by George M George, who encouraged Milo’s creative endeavors as much as anyone did. Milo, in turn, encouraged George’s pursuit of Xandari in Costa Rica, where Milo had worked years earlier. Xandari has been very good for all of us, for a long time. That would explain the dozen letters I am writing to declare my thoughts on it.


By 2012 Milo was welcomed as an honorary sidekick of the design team from June to August. Seen above on the far left of the bench, he was on a trip with the Design team and several other Cornell interns on a visit to Madurai. Several months after this photo he followed that whole crew to Ithaca (where he was born) after the end of their internship. He remains there creating this art and pursuing his long-time interest in permaculture and organic farming, which is also a legacy for him from the years in Kerala. Lots of good has come from Xandari, starting two decades ago in Costa Rica and continuing in Kerala starting four years ago. More will surely come. Jump for joy!


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