Dawn Rays at Villa del Faro

Yesterday morning I got up early to see the sun rise from the balcony at the hotel, and was pleased to see the full golden orb rise from the watery horizon to the east. While facing the ocean, I heard some distant slaps, like someone smacking their palm against the surface of the water, and looked across the kilometer or so (less, most likely) between the balcony and the shore to see some rays––eagle rays, I think––leaping out of the water, but also just poking the tips of their “wings,” or side fins, into the air without leaving the waves themselves.

In the video above you can see this latter behavior; the leaping will have to wait for a luckier day. Unfortunately, a couple twigs from the desert brush between my location and the rays created small blurry lines in the video, but otherwise it was a nice clear view that I enjoyed before going out to look for birds, which will be the subject of a future post!

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