Boca del Tule, Kayak & Surf


The shore down below Villa del Faro is known as Boca del Tule, since the Tule arroyo –– a seasonal river in the desert –– runs into the ocean at that point (boca means mouth in Spanish). The beach is public but very few people are ever on it, partly because we’re an hour away from the closest city, San José del Cabo, via dirt road. Now and then you’ll see a couple fishermen, or if the waves are good, some surfers. Last week, Jocelyn and I tried surfing both here at Boca del Tule and also at a better-known surfing beach just twenty minutes south called Nine Palms.

Both spots offered fair surfing for either experienced or newbie surfers, since the waves can break in long stretches with the best sections being close to rocks (that pros can swerve past) and the smaller waves being more infrequent and in less rocky areas (which we appreciated more). Water temperatures are perfect for cooling down from the summer heat, and we wore simple, thin rashguard shirts over bathing-suits.

Another day last week we did some sea-kayaking, which offered a more relaxing experience on the waves, although there was an exciting moment when some rays jumped out of the water about fifty and later only ten meters away from our kayaks, flapping their “wings” in the air before slapping back into the undulating ocean. Unfortunately, the entry and exit at the shore for kayaks isn’t stable enough to trust with a non-waterproof camera, so footage or photos of the activity will have to wait for another time. The view of the coastline from out on the water is great, though!

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