Kakaw Designs


Image from Vimeo

Recently I was introduced to a small online business that sells handmade women’s boots and bags called Kakaw Designs. Seth met the company’s founder, Mari, before his work at the school they both taught at in the Galapagos four years ago and mentioned the ethical concept of her business.

When scrolling through the company’s Instagram (kakawdesigns) account I was not only drawn to the colorful textile designs woven along the upper rim of a pair of stylish leather boots, but also, and especially, to the community concept and sustainable premise of the business. Kakaw Designs supports Indigenous Guatemalan women by helping spread awareness of traditional Guatemalan textile-making and gives them the resources to create unique designs that reflect their creativity and culture.

I was inspired upon reading the company’s story and philosophy on their website because I believe it reiterates many of our own values. Like La Paz Group, Kakaw Designs strives to conserve, but conserve an art that encapsulates a way of living for Guatemalan women who sustain Guatemalan culture.

3 thoughts on “Kakaw Designs

  1. Wow Jocelyn, thank you so much for your kind words! We love working with talented local artisans here in Guatemala, and it’s so lovely that you see how our values overlap with those of La Paz Group. You have a wonderful way with words and I’m very touched by this write-up. Gracias!

  2. Love everything about this but why use leather? This is the only thing I don’t support, I don’t agree with using animal skins as this contributes to the slaughter of animals, who just want to live their lives as we do. Yes, leather seems luxurious but at what price? There was a time when I loved the smell of leather, heck I used leather for so many years before my eyes were opened the hidden suffering. Also leather doesn’t just come from cows, many animals are used including ostrich, sharks, rays, alligators, kangaroos, etc. There is nothing appealing about an industry that thrives on suffering for profit. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leather

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