A Defining Moment In Papua New Guinea

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Interesting to see, in one publication we depend on for interesting news and commentary related to community and conservation around the world, a bookend to the item just published in another publication we turn to frequently:

Defining Moment: a photographer’s snap decision in the face of danger

Wylda Bayron traveled solo around Papua New Guinea for 18 months. What she found was a nation fraught with violence but also filled with striking beauty

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Papua New Guinea can be a dangerous place to visit, especially for a woman traveling alone. But Wylda Bayron had a deep desire for soul searching, and she decided to embark on the voyage despite being warned not to go.

Shortly after arriving in the Pacific Island nation, Bayron realized she might be in over her head. “It looked like the middle of a war zone,” she says.

Listen to Bayron’s Defining Moment.

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