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Roxbury E+ Townhouses. All photos:

We love finding new and innovative solutions to live more sustainably. In this case, imagine living in a home that not only produces enough energy (from renewable sources of course) to sustain its own energy consumption but also produces surplus energy.  These are known as plus-energy homes and they are not only energy efficient, but also eye appealing and becoming more affordable. Here is a list of eight homes that pioneer in sustainability (the three I have listed are my top favorites):

1. ZEB pilot House by Snøhetta in Norway

Dramatically tilted toward the southeast, Snøhetta’s ZEB Pilot House is a plus-energy family house that produces enough surplus energy to power an electric car year-round. Located in Larvik, Norway, the 200-square-meter home serves as a demonstration project to facilitate learning and is powered by rooftop solar energy and geothermal energy.


1. ZEB pilot House

2. Cannon Beach Residence by Nathan Good Architects

Nathan Good Architects’ plus-energy Cannon Beach Residence offers more than just surplus renewable energy—the green-roofed home also boasts a spectacular view of the ocean. Situated on Cannon Beach, Oregon, the three-bedroom home generates its own energy using a combination of photovoltaics, solar hot water heaters, geothermal energy, energy heat recovery ventilators, and a high-efficiency heat pump.


2. Cannon Beach Residence

3. Home for Life by AART Architects

The light-filled Home For Life dwelling is a striking contemporary home completed as one of eight experimental Active Houses financed by FKR Holding. The 2,045-square-foot two-bedroom house is filled with natural light and strategically placed to take in 50% of its winter heating from passive solar means. The ultra-efficient home includes a photovoltaic system, solar hot water system, heat pump, energy optimized windows, and an automatic natural ventilation system.



3. Home for Life

See more homes here.


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