A River Runs Through Amboli Reserve

On my Saturday afternoon I followed up a morning of farm visits with a visit to the local agricultural research extension of the state university. More on that tomorrow. For now, I want to share some images from my Sunday exploration about an hour from the farms described, due inland and into the Western Ghats. Specifically, Amboli Reserve, which is in the view above.

All that green is a function of conservation, combined with watershed benefits of being in the Western Ghats. Below is an image of the source of the main river that flows through that valley above. Lots of tributaries come into that same river from the surrounding hills, full of waterfalls you can see in the images below. But here is the pool at the source. Behind me when snapping this photo is a Hindu shrine, which I have not photographed, out of respect for local tradition. The shrine is given serious attention by each visitor, as seems appropriate. After all, water is life.


This photo below is taken from a vantage point a mile or so from the source of the river, where the water drops to the valley below.


This image below looks much like the one above, but is taken from a completely different location.


Amboli Reserve will be one of the day trip attractions from the location where our project is located.

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