From Recent Chan Chich Lodge Guests


When this family told me about their encounter with a troupe of monkeys I had not yet seen these photographs, which they shared as they were preparing to depart Chan Chich Lodge. Looking at the photos now I understand why they were so thrilled by the wilderness setting. The first one I saw, above, was just a blur so I skipped it, but when I came back to it I realized this was what the son in the family had most loved–the exploration, the search to see his first animal in the wild.

And when it/they came into view, and seemed completely unworried by the presence of humans, that too was a thing of wonder. A place where animals are wild, but aware of what they do and do not need to be afraid of. For a boy to get the sense of this possibility, that when we provide proper protection to the places where animals live life naturally then we sometimes have the privilege to see those animals–that is what we are here for. And he knew it. And his parents knew it.


They were able to get close up photos that helped them sense that they monkeys were as curious about them as they were about the monkeys.


And all seemed right with the world.


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