Evolution On Display


Click the image above to go to Phaidon’s website or see a couple of the book’s photographs and blurbs about the book’s intent below:

Beautiful and bizarre beasts behind Darwin’s theory

Photographer Robert Clark’s new book offers some striking supporting evidence for the theory of natural selection


Southern cassowary (Casuarius casuarius) by Robert Clark. © Robert Clark. From Evolution: A Visual Record

Already, from the cover, we like it. Some of the sample images from inside the book seal the deal.

In his excellent introductory essay, Joseph Wallace outlines lucidly the assumptions about life on Earth that prevailed before Darwin and the conditions that enabled him and co-discoverer Alfred Russel Wallace (no relation) to carry out their momentous research.

As Wallace points out, just 150 years ago the biblical view of creation held absolute sway – that all creatures, from the beetle to the whale, were placed on earth fully formed by the Creator, existing unchanged since the Great Flood.


Alevin spawned from salmon by Robert Clark. © Robert Clark. From Evolution: A Visual Record

It was only with great exploratory and technological upheavals that the earth began to reveal its secrets. Sailing ships had already exposed Western travellers to far-flung parts of the globe formerly dismissed on the maps with the words “Here Be Monsters”. They turned out to be home to myriad exotic and diverse creatures, previously unimagined. This led the scientist Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck to question the idea of the immutability of species.


The five-toed foot of a saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) by Robert Clark. © Robert Clark. From Evolution: A Visual Record

Read more about the book here.

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