Cabo Pulmo & Octavio Aburto’s Masterful Storytelling

David and Goliath

The more we look around, the more we find that Mr. Aburto is telling the Cabo Pulmo story as well as anyone:

The People (Past and Present)

What make Cabo Pulmo a success story is its people: when faced with the dilemma to either continue fishing or to turn towards conservative goals, the community decided they needed to change.

Led by the Castro family, Cabo Pulmo became a national park–and a successful one at that: the community collectively put their fishing gear down, able to build an alternative livelihood. The proposal itself was revolutionary–even by today’s standards–and the economic sacrifice was monumental. Not many communities can see past that self-deprivation, especially without the guarantee of a brighter future. But Cabo Pulmo did.

The locals have also bonded with outsiders: researchers and politicians to collaborate on the success of the park. Organizations such as Gulf of California Marine Program (GOCMP) and Autonomous University of Baja California Sur deliver education to the community, conduct research on the surrounding ecosystems, and communicate their findings to stakeholders. The community lobbied to establish Cabo Pulmo as a national park and fended off coastal development: it is clear that the people of Cabo Pulmo’s desire for sustainability and conservation spawned a thriving ecosystem and economy, instilling a deeply rooted sense of pride and responsibility for the marine world in the community…

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