A Tiger Beetle Minute


Wired has an excellent series, worth a look if you enjoy small bursts of extreme science media:

Check Out the Tiger Beetle, the Most Ferocious Insect on Earth

Matt Simon

When you were a kid, did you dig holes in the ground, lie in wait, and drag your enemies to their doom? Because the tiger beetle sure did. And when it grows up, it’s even more ferocious, running down its prey and tearing it to pieces with massive jaws. Check out this week’s episode of Absurd Creatures to learn more!

Find every episode of Absurd Creatures here. And I’m happy to hear from you with suggestions on what to cover next. If it’s weird and we can find footage of it, it’s fair game. You can get me at matthew_simon@wired.com or on Twitter at @mrMattSimon.

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