Beverage Innovations, Vegan Spirit Edition


We do not need to repeat our distaste for the word mocktail, nor are we on a dry spell; nonetheless we are happy to see attention to beverages like this (pricey!) one:


Flavors of warm spices, oak and grapefruit peel. Great on the rocks, with a spritz, or in a more elaborate mocktail.

To create the world’s first distilled, non-alcoholic “spirit,” Seedlip founder Ben Branson designed a (carefully guarded) method for extracting lush botanical notes from vegetal ingredients like peas, spearmint, cardamom, and cloves. He batches the elements from each of his creations separately, in copper and steel, to find their fullest expression. He then combines the distillates in a manner not so different from blending whiskey. The result is drink that’s sugar-, sweetener-, and calorie-free—yet uniquely flavorful and aromatic.

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