Model Mad, Governor

Thanks to the New Yorker website for this one. No image required. These two paragraphs say plenty about a model mad governor of one state of the union that is resisting the dark clouds of the new political climate, but do read the whole post:

…“At my age, I can go pretty solidly for twelve hours,” Brown, who is fifty-six years old, said. “So, if you have a nine-to-five job, that gives you a couple of hours to be at your local airport to protest the immigration order. It gives you time to go to a League of Women Voters meeting to help register people. It gives you time to go online and research which organization you’re going to donate money to. It gives you time to help you connect to your family and friends in states that have key senators.” When I suggested that this sounded pretty onerous, she doubled down: “It’s going to require more than you’re bargaining for. Activism will change your life.”

Of Trump’s many political opposites, Brown, who is known to do headstands to prepare for important meetings, may be the closest to being his personal antithesis: a former family lawyer and women’s-rights activist who identifies as bisexual, she is approachably fierce, “a combination of Snoopy and Katniss Everdeen,” according to one of her old friends, Kristen Grainger, who lives a few blocks from Brown in Salem, and who until recently served as her communications director. After Brown stepped into the governor’s mansion from the Oregon secretary of state’s office—her predecessor, John Kitzhaber, resigned amid a corruption scandal—Portland Monthly published a list of her “upsides” and “downsides.” Among the former: “Not entirely impossible to imagine her morning motivational speech in mirror includes the words ‘You slay.’ ” Among the latter: “Still hasn’t apologized for pastime of following her favorite folk band around Oregon.”…

Read the whole post here.

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